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Thule Towing Systems shifted from a predominantly manual process to developing towbar systems using laser scanning and mechanical design/simulation software, cutting time to market from 15-20 weeks to approximately 9 weeks.

Laser trackers ensure optimal distance between massive turbine blades and their housing for the world's largest and most modern nuclear power station in Finland.

Better images than SEM - NPL's Advanced Engineered Materials Group uses an Olympus LEXT 3D laser confocal microscope  to explore a wide variety of specimens and structures  down to nano size steps.

Focus-Variation, a new optical surface metrology technique to ISO 25178 standards, provides a robust D surface measurement technique both for QC lab and in-line applications.

All the climates  and environmental conditions that exist in the various regions of the earth are reproducible in a single test facility at Volkswagen AG in Wolfsburg, Germany

BS 8887-1:2006, the new Design for Manufacture British Standard. By Brian Griffiths, School of Engineering and Design, Brunel University, Uxbridge, England, chair of the BSI Committee: Design for Manufacture.

Non contact measurement and inspection systems feature at MEDTEC 2008, the UK's showcase for suppliers of medical technologies.

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