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Jan-Feb 2012
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New ways for repairing gearboxes of wind turbines will increase the economic efficiency of wind power generation. By Martina Fuhrmann, Karsten Lübke, Axel von Freyberg, Gert Goch, BIMAQ

Portable metrology systems allow growing product development and design company Jackson Jonson to quickly gather precision measurements in any number of locations.

Is this the most accurate long bore measuring machine in the world? Derby-based Eley Metrology have shipped their latest CNC system to a leading aerospace company in the USA.

Translating metrology assisted automation research into large volume production projects is the aim of LIMA. By Brendan Coyne.

The new Airbus 350 project is notable as one of the first projects for Airbus where embedded metrology was assumed from the beginning.

In micromachining, even the slightest deviations can disturb the process and drive up costs. Sensitive and expensive tools must, therefore, meet extremely tight requirements. To monitor quality, high precision optical or multisensor measuring machines can be used. By Christopher Morcom.

The first time that a combination of laser, video and ultrasonic inspection methods has been used in a production environment to inspect the profile of root welds on pipes

Distortion-free, high precision microscopes help to conserve Britain's most fragile treasures

A flexible document management system enables autopilot developers to keep up with ISO 9001 and maintain high levels of efficiency

A combination of a sophisticated phase-sensitive eddy current sensor and a magnetic-inductive sensor is capable of automatically carrying out many typical measuring jobs including measuring duplex coating thicknesses

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