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June 2009
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 Digital measurement and virtual assembly techniques have speeded up pre-production geometry verification of the new Volvo XC60 crossover vehicle by a factor of 2.

An SPC approach has eliminated a large number of measurement and inspection stages on the shopfloor, empowering operators to achieve consistently high standards.

Integrated Manufacturing can deliver true Six Sigma through the integration of data and process control in real time, using the internet to track quality and automatically adjust manufacturing processes.  By Kevin McGushion

Mobile optical coordinate measuring technology check mounting surfaces to ensures a smooth setup for offshore wind turbines

A mobile 3D photogrammetric measurement system meets the challenge of manufacturing and assembly of aircraft sections at Airbus’ Hamburg and St. Nazaire plants.

Laser scanning solves a common metrology problem of inconsistent measurement of a long radius with a small pan for an international component manufacturer.

Ultrafast microprocessors and advanced CAD-software have combined to bring vision and multi-sensor measurement into the mainstream of manufacturing. By Marc Stalker, Wilcox Associates, Hexagon Metrology.

NanoIink announces the NanoProfessor project for undergraduate education in nanotechnology - the first curriculum-led product to deliver trained nanotechnologists for the 21st Century

An in-line 3D vision system provides automatic classification of door facings based on moulding design and surface texture.

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