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September 2010
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The race is on for who will manufacturer of 1,000 mirrors for the European Extremely Large Telescope project. Extreme manufacturing and measurement accuracies are the key.  By Brendan Coyne

Advanced laser ultrasonic systems will deliver big technical advantages for the automatic inspection of composites in the aerospace manufacturing sector.

University of Manchester achieves breakthroughs in science and engineering with 3D X-ray computed tomography.

Leading aerospace companies employ inline computed tomography systems  for fast 3D  inspection of  high end turbine blades. By  Dr. Malte Kurfiß, Computed Tomography Systems, YXLON International

Europe’s Ariane rocket nozzle is welded robotically using a vision system with novel ‘zero gap’ functionality.

Multisensor measurement  technology stamps its mark on Batten & Allen

The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) is unlocking the potential  of digital image correlation as an innovative new measurement technique with a broad range of applications.

A Six Sigma initiative and investment in automation and training delivers impressive manufacturing improvements at PP Electrical Systems

EMC and environmental synergy - designing for life. By Jean-Louis Evans, managing director at TÜV Product Service

Developers and engineers at Weiss Umwelttechnik and experts from the automobile industry have developed a simulated-reality environmental test systems for batteries used in hybrid cars

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