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BMW to use automatic surface defect inspection system for sprayed car parts able to inspect a complete car body in less than 90 seconds.

X-ray Computer Tomography technology aids inspection of inner structures of component assemblies and sub assemblies in automotive manufacturing in the drive to improve quality and cut costs.

Volvo Cars use laser scanners for innovative optical geometry inspection to guarantee accurate assembly of parts.

Airbus 380 is undoubtably a very large scale industrial assembly project. It is also the first complete industrial assembly process based on laser measurements. By Anne Willimann

Automotive component supplier, Johnson Controls, implements a corporate wide, inter-factory quality management system to support shopfloor quality activities and work in compliance with quality standards.

The integration and automation of electrical testing systems to provide test data traceability is the key to effective quality control. By John Barnett, Clare Instruments.

How do you make improvements in quality and yield without a clear picture of the manufacturing process and without data? Manufacturing Intelligence, based on process signatures, is the answer.

How to easily capture thousands of features per vehicle - DaimlerChrysler utilizes pWeb quality data management system from Carl Zeiss for process monitoring in automotive manufacturing

Many production companies and smaller machine manufacturers find it easier and more cost effective to have their machines measured and tested by calibration service providers.

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