QMT Features: January 2011
Go for web-based training
Save money, save time - train on the web! Interactive web-based training leads the way for hard pressed companies to continue to improve their quality processes.

SPC, Gauging and Lean Six Sigma are just some of the modules offered by an interactive web and computer-based training service newly launched in the UK by Southport-based Quality Process Training Ltd.  “Using this medium of delivering quality management courses is much more cost and time effective than more conventional methods,” says David Todd, managing director of Quality Process Training Ltd. “The cost for each course is less than the travel and meal expenses for employees to attend courses and they can run the course from their own P.C or laptop in their own time wherever they are located - not just in the UK but globally - on a 24/7 basis, so long as internet access is available.”   

Web-based training is purchased and licensed for each user, with module length typically one to three months, depending on content selected. On completion, the student receives a printable certificate for each course and also gets a PDF version of the accompanying Reference Guide.

David Todd was prompted to set up Quality Process Training  in response to a clear demand from the marketplace across a number of different sectors, “In these challenging times, I would hear on a daily basis from quality managers and training managers that their budgets  have either been  frozen or reduced dramatically. I recognised a need for cost effective training through a medium that not only delivers quality of training but also reduces expensive training course fees and travel expenses for companies. Web-based training proved to be the solution. It is also an excellent alternative if you need scheduling flexibility, want access to a complete range of courses and wish to train at multiple locations.”  

The courses cover the broad categories headed as follows: Statistical Techniques, Process Improvement and Problem Solving, Company-Wide Improvement Initiatives, Shop Floor Improvement, and DOE Screening Experiments.  Under these broad headings there are grouped a number of modules. 

For example, under the Company-Wide Improvement Initiatives course, there are five modules entitled:  Lean Manufacturing, Introduction to Lean Six Sigma, Six Sigma Start-Up, Six Sigma Start-Up for Services, and The Role of a Lean Six Sigma Champion.  So, for example, the module, Introduction to Lean Six Sigma, aims to introduce learners to the fundamentals of lean six sigma providing a comprehensive understanding of the concept and gives a background on the improvement methodologies used in a six sigma process. It outlines key details on the necessary supporting infrastructure and provides examples of lean six sigma in manufacturing, office functions, order entry, warehousing and distribution, sales and R&D. 

Shopfloor improvement
Under the Shop floor Improvement category, there are two courses, the first called Gage Mentor and the second, The 5S's: Workplace Organization. 
Gage Mentor is metrology, gauge, and GD&T training designed for operators and technicians who use dimensional gauges in their jobs to make measurements. Gage Mentor starts with basic dimensional metrology terminology, covers the importance of measurement standards and the difference between precision and accuracy. Next, the learner is introduced to geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) and the fundamentals of surface finishes.

Gage Mentor also covers how to take measurements with the most frequently used instruments including callipers, micrometers, height and depth gauges, fixed gauges, and gauge blocks and surface plates and helps the learner understand the best way to measure various types of dimensions such as roundness and hole position.  

The 5S's: Workplace Organization course outlines how introducing the 5S's is usually one of the first steps companies take in implementing lean manufacturing or six sigma. The 5S's (Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain) are rough translations from the original Japanese terms referring to a process to optimize workplace organization. 

With the 5S's: Workplace Organization online training course, employees learn the fundamental concepts of the 5S's that will improve quality and productivity. The training includes step-by-step guidelines for achieving the 5S's as well as a roadmap to implement the 5S's throughout the entire organization. Many examples of 5S success stories are included throughout the training. 

“There is still a demand for companies to invest in training and keep their staff up to date with quality management methodology, although the question is, where do they find the money to do this, when there are other priorities within an organisation? It’s important that we keep departments aware of techniques that can reduce costs and increase profits, especially in these economically challenging times,” says David Todd. “Through taking these interactive web-based training courses, companies can still train their staff at low prices and target their processes for improvement.”l
email: david@qualityprocesstraining.com
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