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QMT Products: November 2015
Robotised scanning solution

Smarttech3D has launched a fully automated 3D scanning solution comprising a 3D optical scanning head mounted on robotic arm and in a fully enclosed safety envelope. The SMARTTECH3D Robotized system is aimed at large industrial customers who would like to minimise human intervention in the inspection process and hence reduce possible errors. The operator simply has to place the object to be inspected on the rotary stage and turn the robotic arm on.

The robotic arm then uses 3D scanning to locate the exact position of the object on the rotary stage and from this data recognises the relevant CAD program for the part. Once the CAD program has been located the user can choose which precise area of scanned surface he would like to inspect. Quality control is provided automatically by the robot.  
Once the inspection in complete, the operator is given a full inspection report, with any deviations noted in the report and visualised in PDF3D.

A specially developed plugin allows 3D scanning as well as inspection to be carried out directly in GEOMAGIC Control software. The user-friendly interface makes the job simply and intuitive. The robot arm can also capture the shape of the object which can then be used for CAD modelling.

The 3D scanning head is certified according to the VDI/VDE 2634 standard, so the end-user can be sure that surface is measured with the described accuracy of 0.03mm for a 300mm by 400mm measurement volume.  
The SMARTTECH3D Robotized system does not require a special air-conditioned or darkened room, it features a shock-absorbing system and the whole system is on wheels and can be moved wherever it is required.
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