QMT Features: August 2014
Oiling the wheels of quality
A fast, automated CMM is ensuring standards are maintained at a Scottish subcontractor

Located close to the majority of its potential customers near Aberdeen, Precision Oiltools Ltd specialises in machining components 3mm to 450mm in diameter for the oil & gas sector. It also provides its precision subcontract manufacturing services to general engineering and aerospace companies throughout the UK. 

To help guarantee the quality of its output, the company has recently invested in a Zenith Too CNC Coordinate Measuring Machines from Aberlink Innovative Metrology.

Precision Oiltools Ltd Managing Director, Craig Robertson explained. “Although our efficient machine tools were able to cope with the growing demand for ever more complex components, the increased time spent on inspecting these more intricate parts meant that we needed to find a quicker inspection method.
“To overcome this problem we investigated the available CMMs that had the required capacity, high accuracy specification and rapid CNC characteristics that would speed-up our inspection function. 
“Following demonstrations of several medium capacity CMMs, we decided that the 1000 x 1500 x 800mm - X-Y-Z, Zenith Too from Aberlink was the ideal machine for our requirements. The Aberlink CNC, CMM demonstrated high levels of speed and accuracy, whilst its easy to use software and useful report generating capability made the Zenith the simplest to use of each of the CMMs we viewed.
“Having made our decision to purchase the Zenith Too based on its overall ability, we were delighted to discover that the Aberlink machine was also the least expensive of the available machines.  
“Due to Aberlink software’s ease of use, our inspector, who had no previous CMM experience, has quickly become extremely proficient in the new CMMs use, he is now able to create, store and when required, recall measurement programs. We can now load a single large part, or several smaller parts onto the Zenith Too’s large granite bed, call-up the relevant program, then undertake the most complex of measuring routines in a rapid CNC mode.
“As our Zenith Too allows us to print a range of inspection reports, that include dimensioned graphical representations and tabulated report formats, we have received positive comments from many of our customers. 
“Given the impressive accuracy and the generous size capacity of our Zenith Too CMM, not only is it able to accommodate the specifications and sizes of our current output, it will be able to handle any future larger machined components. Since its installation, the remarkable speed of the Aberlink machine has taken away any possibility of bottle-necks in our inspection department and helped to ensure the high quality of our output.”
Manufactured by Aberlink Innovative Metrology, the largest UK owned Coordinate Measuring Machine manufacturer, the Zenith Too range consists of 10 machines with XYZ capacities from 1000x1000x600 mm –1000x3000x800 mm.Aberlink supply a complete Zenith Too ‘turn-key’ package, including a comprehensive training programme, a wide choice of motorised or manual probes, Aberlink’s celebrated 3D software and not least the latest generation of high speed custom controllers, that are capable of generating true, three dimensional contours.www.aberlink.co.uk
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