QMT Features: June 2015
Moulding precision
A maker of precision injection moulds uses advanced measuring microscopes to ensure the quality of its products

To ensure the highest standards of dimensional accuracy, toolmakers at Precision Moulds & Tools Services inspect manufactured components using Mitutoyo Toolmakers Measuring Microscopes located in dedicated, climate controlled inspection areas. On completion, each tool undergoes detailed final inspection. If requested, comprehensive inspection reports can also be created and submitted with delivered tools.

Sales Director Joe Boscarini explained: “As well as our ability to design and manufacture on-time and at the right price, our international reputation is based largely on the consistent, premium quality of the mould tools that we produce. The use of state-of-the-art inspection technology helps to ensure levels of consistency that give our customers the confidence that replacement inserts or repeat orders will be absolutely identical to those originally supplied.

“The use of Mitutoyo’s binocular stereo measuring microscopes provides us with advanced optical inspection and measuring capability. Extended depth of focus, long working distances and wide field of view minimise operator eye fatigue whilst increasing our inspection efficiency and productivity.”

Initially serving the domestic connector market, the quality of Precision Moulds & Tools Services Ltd soon attracted clients from other equally demanding industrial sectors, such as the medical, pharmaceutical, automotive and electrical, industries. The procurement of contracts for the production of single and multi-cavity plastic injection mould tools, for use in conventional, twin-shot, strip fed and overmould applications, has allowed the Stoke Mandeville, Buckinghamshire based company to grow rapidly.

The ISO 9001:2008 certified business now boasts more than 38,000 sq. ft. of purpose-built manufacturing space. In addition to closed-cell climate controlled tool manufacturing, the Stoke Mandeville facility accommodates administration functions, design & development, a dedicated climate controlled inspection facility and a mould shop that houses advanced moulding machines that are used for first-off sampling and initial batch runs. Clients are also able to deliver their own machines for closed cell tool validation.

Joe Boscarini continued: “As our first Mitutoyo Toolmakers Measuring Microscope proved to be the perfect measuring instrument for ensuring the accuracy of our tools, as our business has expanded and our workload has increased we have purchased additional models and located them in strategic locations throughout our Stoke Mandeville site. Our recently purchased unit means that we now have 6 Mitutoyo Toolmakers Measuring Microscopes.

The Mitutoyo MF Toolmakers Measuring Microscope, as used by Precision Moulds & Tools Services Ltd, is a high power, multifunctional measuring microscope offering monocular or binocular observation with a clear, non-flare image and a wide field of view. Measuring accuracy is said to be the highest in its class. The ML series, high-NA objectives provide a long working distance and the illumination source, reflected or transmitted, is selectable between high-intensity LED or halogen, with a variable aperture diaphragm to suppress diffraction. A quick-release mechanism allows the stage to be moved around quickly and coarse/fine feed handles on both sides allow precise focus and observation regardless of handedness. Optional eyepieces enable observation up to 2000X magnification.
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