QMT Features: April 2009
Aerospace 09 for take-off
Aerospace 09 exhibition in Munich this month isĀ  the most comprehensive source of industry expertise within aerospace testing, design and manufacturing pre-production.

With over 300 companies exhibiting, Aerospace Testing, Design & Manufacturing Expo (Aerospace 09), is the global meeting place for the aerospace engineering development community. Being held in Munich, Germany 21-23rd April 2009, Aerospace 09 connects senior engineers with the most comprehensive source of industry expertise within aerospace testing, design and manufacturing pre-production.

Despite the economic turmoil of recent months, aerospace is still set to be one of the few growth sectors for 2009 and beyond. The US Aerospace Industries Association, which represents USA’s major aerospace manufacturers, including the five largest military contractors, projects a 4.8% increase in U.S. aerospace sales in 2009. According to the Association, 2009 orders are locked in with financing mostly in place, alleviating concerns that the tight credit market will hurt revenues during the year. In addition, sales of military aircraft including fighters, transports and helicopters, should rise in 2009 by approximately $2.3 billion or 4.2% to $57 billion.

Civil aircraft sales are also projected to increase by 7.4% to $86.6 billion.
Global Industries Analysts, Inc. states that the U.S. is by far the world's largest aerospace and defence market, with revenues projected to be worth $298 billion by 2015. Together, the U.S. and Europe account for more than 80% of the world's aerospace and defence revenues. Aircraft products and services represent the largest product segment and are projected to exceed $350 by 2014.

According to Reed Exhibitions, organiser of Aerospace 09, aviation engineers are taking a long view approach to the current difficult economic climate and are upbeat on future investments.   Reed carried out research in November last year with a sample of 100 visitors with direct responsibility or influence on purchasing products in aero testing, design and manufacture.  Over 60% said they would be investing in aerospace testing, design and manufacturing within the next 12 months

Open seminars
Over 50 free presentations from leading aerospace and defence industry speakers are offered to Aerospace 09 visitors . These include, metrology and quality assurance, avionics, NDT, Engine testing, data acquisition and materials and composite testing amongst others.

In the metrology and quality assurance seminar, taking place on Wednesday 22 April,  Mr Kevin McGushion, president of Integrated Manufacturing Inc., USA will discuss how manufacturing has not leveraged the power of the internet to quickly track all aspects of quality and content of manufactured products. Today with global manufacturing quality and content has become one of the most important components to manufacturing. Integrated manufacturing tracks all aspect of quality, MRP and ERP in manufacturing through the internet. By using a special Web Enabled Part Number of WEPN, simply scanning a part automatically retrieves all data of a part through the internet. This data is leveraged and brought into manufacturing so that processes can be customized in mass to suit the unique characteristics of the components. The goal of this technology is true 6 sigma quality with real time tracking of manufacturing and increased velocity of manufacturing with substantially lower cost.

Noncontact blade vibration and a tip clearance measurement system for an axial compressor application is the subject of a presentation by Dr Michael Zielinski, MTU Aero Engines consultant for advanced measurement techniques in turbomachinery, Germany .

The presentation deals with BSSM, the noncontact blade vibration and tip clearance measurement system of MTU Aero Engines. Originally exclusively developed for vibration measurements on rotor blades of axial compressors, the system has in recent years used capacitive probes instead of the former optical probes, for the reason that their signals can simultaneously be used also for blade tip clearance measurements. Signal digitalization in conjunction with intelligent trigger algorithms allow highly accurately timed triggering to be achieved despite the wide signal shape of these probes.

The latest systems, therefore, include capacitive probes, suitable probe driver modules and a personal computer to process and analyze the signals. BSSM is continuously being improved and routinely used in rig and engine testing.

Other presentations in the metrology and QA seminar include; New modules for aircraft power system control ADMM-2, presented by Mr Viktor Kobzev, vice president BETA AIR JSC,  Russia; and  High resolution at high speed, a discussion on new CMOS technology by Dr Gerhard Holst,  head of science & research dept., PCO AG, Germany.

In the materials & composites testing seminar, also being held on 22nd April,   Dr Christophe Mattei, senior scientist with the Bodycote Testing Group, Sweden will outline some innovative approaches to non-destructive testing of composite structures.

The presentation will give an overview of recent development NDT / UT techniques, in particular UT techniques, that can be used for composite materials / components in the aerospace industry. Other speakers include; Ms Livia Cevolini,  sales & marketing director, CRP Technology, Italy  who will speak on the 1:8 scale wind tunnel model of the external fairing of the European tiltrotor.

Also in the programme is a presentation on   detection capabilities of optical measurement technologies by Mr Jörg Collrep,director sales, Dantec Dynamics GmbH, , Germany; and  fracture mechanical testing of foam core materials for sandwich structures by Mr Martin Rinker,  research associate, Fraunhofer Institute for Mechanics of Materials, Germany. Final speaker on this seminar is Dipl.-Ing Mirko Sachse,  head of panel test, IMA Materialforschung und Anwendungstechnik GmbH, Germany who will speak on the subject of  aircraft fuselage panel test ing with internal pressure, tension, compression and shear loads.

For details of the other seminar programmes,  and exhibition details, visit the Aerospace 09 website:
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