QMT Features: September 2007
Best in class metrology handbook launched
World Class manufacturing demands Best in Class metrology. Mitutoyo's new Metrology Handbook provides the right tool for understanding and applying measurement for the shopfloor.

In today’s global manufacturing supply chains there is no hiding place for the also rans. Any company that wishes to compete must become a World Class manufacturer.  Critical is the development of  capable manufacturing processes. This point is well understood. What is not so well appreciated is the enabling role measurement plays in this process. It is the knowledge and application of Best in Class metrology - the science of measurement - which is a primary pre-requisite for World Class manufacturing.

That, at least , is the view of Dr. Hamid Mughal, executive vice president - manufacturing engineering for Rolls Royce plc, probably the world’s most successful aerospace engine manufacturer. Which is why Dr Mughal welcomes the latest reference book on metrology  from Mitutoyo, world leading manufacturer of precision measurement equipment.

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Call Mitutoyo to order on 01264 353123, quoting this QMT reader offer.
“Measurement methods, technology and planning is generally handed down by skilled engineers and progressively developed through application and experience in the workplace. As a result, the technical technology and general competence lacks the required professional development structure and process standardisation framework. This leads to huge variation in the application of measurement technology and processes and consequential poor quality and customer dissatisfaction. Best in class measurement is about consistency, repeatability and accuracy - the hallmark of World Class Manufacturing companies.”

The Mitutoyo Metrology Handbook, written by Nobua Suga,  provides a comprehensive explanation of underlying principles, technology, equipment and application of a wide range of workplace measurement systems.”I fully intend to draw upon it to further improve the methods and processes of our programme on Measurement Excellence.” says Dr Mughal. “This reference textbook will be of great assistance to my team and I recommend it as essential reading for engineers throughout the manufacturing industry.”

First published in the USA and then updated and modified for the UK market, the Metrology Handbook is primarily a reference source for students attending the Basic Metrology course at the Mitutoyo Institute of Metrology. The content is based on having taught tens of thousands of engineers in metalworkinig, an experience which highlighted the need for wide ranging source of information to provide answers to the many questions raised during Mitutoyo metrology seminars.

The Handbook may also be useful to anyone who requires and overview of dimensional metrology in terms of its history, accepted practice and an appreciation of the wide choice of measuring equipment available today, such as attendees at any of the UKAS accredited National Measurement Training courses in metrology recently introduced by the National Physical Laboratory.

The Handbook is divided into six parts with each part divided into chapters covering related aspects of dimensional metrology.  the last part is intended to show the current level of the state-of-the-art in calibration and measurement equipment so that the reader can compare the level of accuracy provided by simple gauges with that possible using the most sophisticated technologies.

Many examples of measurement are given in the Handbook showing the usual choice, and use, of gauge or instrument for a particular measurement task. It is essential that the gauge meets the accuracy and resolution needs of a particular measuring task (as well as the obvious factor of measurement range) and the books tries to guide the reader in this selection.

The scope of the Metrology Handbook is wide, from shopfloor handtools, such as micrometers and verniers, to sophisticated high accuracy coordinate measuring machines. Topics include a look at fundamentals, such as units on engineering drawings, through to GD&T, measurement standards and calibration.

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