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Control 2013 preview II
Control 2013 – International Trade Fair for Quality Assurance  Stuttgart Exhibition Centre, Germany, 14 to 17 March 2013

QMT continues with part II of our preview of  the Control exhibition, the world’s leading technical and trade fair for the quality control and quality assurance industries being held in Stuttgart, Germany on 14 to 17th May. With  900 exhibitors from more than 30 countries and exhibition floor space amounting to 590,000 square feet, the Control international trade fair for quality assurance is the benchmark for the industry sector. The organisers, P.E. Schall anticipate that over 25,000 visitors  from around the world will attend this year.

NextSense GmbH, (Stand 5401, Hall 5),  provider of optical sensor technology, will present the CALIPRI called non-contact multi-platform method for the quick recording and flexible analysis of gap contours at CONTROL 2013.

  “CALIPRI meets the requirements of the automotive industry for ever narrower gap dimensions and measurement solutions independent of platform,” said Christoph Böhm, marketing manager at NextSense. “The optical measurement system allows for measurements of an accuracy unknown up to now as well as the universal use of one and the same measurement device in all stages of automotive body production.”
 Geometry data of gaps can be examined with CALIPRI just as with a feeler gauge or stencil. In contrast to other methods, CALIPRI delivers measurement results free of assumptions even deep down in the gap through non-contact profile recording. The versatile, precise and easy-to-use optical measuring instrument CALIPRI is available in three versions: The CALIPRI Portable for mobile gap and flush measurements; the CALIPRI Inline Operator for manual use on the assembly line; and the fully automated, robotic system CALIPRI Inline Robot. The last-mentioned system will be presented for the first time at the CONTROL 2013.

Virtek Vision International (Stand 7126, Hall 7)  will perform live demonstrations of its LaserQC Rapid Inspection System and Iris Spatial Positioning System. Virtek LaserQC is a family of rapid inspection systems that employs lasers to measure the accuracy of two-dimensional parts to very tight tolerances within 0.05mm (0.002 inches) and formed parts to tolerances within 0.25mm (0.010 inches). Designed for the sheet metal and other manufacturing environments, LaserQC's intuitive user-interface allows all cutting and punch machine operators to quickly become fully proficient in proofing their own parts, removing the QC bottleneck. This makes first article and audit sample inspections quick, accurate and easy to obtain.

Just in time for the Control show in Stuttgart/Germany, AICON 3D Systems launches the MoveInspect software version 6 with numerous new functions. One innovation is the Mini-App which gives the operator a constant feedback on the status of the MoveInspect system. While working in the inspection software (e. g. PolyWorks), the Mini-App is constantly in the foreground and reports the status of cameras, MI.Probe and measurement process. Furthermore, the operator can easily calibrate the cameras by one click on the calibration menu.

Additionally, the new software version includes an online-interface on basis of TCP/IP. This interface provides 3D/6D-coordinates for further processing and visualization – either via individual customer’s software or by the visualization program LabView (National Instruments), provided by AICON. Additionally, the software now allows the measurement of surface points by tracking through the different measuring sequences.

Volume Graphics ( Stand 3232, Hall 3) will be showing all new features of its x-ray Computed Tomography software, VGStudio MAX,  at Control 2013. With VGStudio MAX, defects such as pores and inclusions can be precisely identified with regard to their position and volume, including their statistical distribution. If required, this can also be done according to the conventional 2D method as defined in VDG rule P201/VW 50097. One of the available software modules reproduces the method according to this standard. There is only one difference as compared with the classical method: The analysis is performed non-destructively and without extensive preparation, thus saving a considerable amount of time and money.

In many high tech areas of industry, fibre composite materials are “the next big thing”. Volume Graphics has taken account of this development by implementing a “fibre composite material analysis” add-on module for VGStudio MAX. This module,  supports quantitative analyses on the highest level. Both the orientation and the concentration of the fibres in relation to the surrounding matrix are available in concrete figures. Another special feature is the possibility to compare the resulting data with data from simulation tools (nominal-actual comparisons) or to use them as the basis for simulation.

Matrix Technologies, (Stand 3122 , Hall 3),  will be presenting  high resolution X-Ray and CT systems for non-destructive testing and inspection. Among the systems showing is  the Matrix XCT-1000 Series,for manual and semi-automatic x-ray inspection, featuring 2D and 3D technology for sophisticated NDT applications. Depending on customer requirements the systems can equipped with the most suitable x-ray tube and detector.

K2D-KeyToData (Stand 1000, Hall 1) will be introducing the InspectionXpert product suite at Control 2013. InspectionXpert products include data extraction, ballooning, measurement, and reporting tools for quality manufacturing departments across industries including aerospace, defence, oil & gas, medical device, automotive and heavy equipment, job shops and contract manufacturers.

“InspectionXpert helps companies automate the often manual process of creating First Article and In-process inspection packages,” explains Jochen Layer, CEO of K2D.  InspectionXpert products include solutions for ballooning 2D drawings and 3D models, capturing AS9102/EN9102 and PPAP data, importing CMM results, and integrating with critical quality solutions such as Net-Inspect, Verisurf, QDM Quality Management System, CEBOS MQ1, Prolink’s QC Gage, and many more.  

WENZEL Group (Stand 5204, Hall 5) will present the new WGT 280 gear measuring machine for the fast and efficient analysis of small gears up to a maximum diameter of 280 mm. Because of its compact construction and small footprint it can be easily integrated into existing processes. The easy to access measuring volume allows a simple loading and operation of the measuring system. Therefore the WGT 280 is ideal for the use of automated loading systems.

The high precise rotary table can be loaded with parts up to 50 kg weight. Equipped is the WGT 280 with the Renishaw scanning probe SP 600 and allows the measurement of gears starting with a module of 0.5 as standard. For the accurate measurement of shafts the gear measuring machine can be equipped additionally with a tail stock. The WGT 280 allows measurements in a Z range of 500 mm.
The WGT gear measuring machines are equipped with a modular software package. The user is led intuitively through different input masks to enter parameters for part, measurement and analysis. Additionally the user is supported by different graphics.
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