QMT Features: April 2017
More exhibitors, more floor space
The 2017 edition of the Control International Trade Fair for Quality Assurance has more exhibitors than ever before

The  31st edition of the Control trade show, which runs from 9 to 13 May at  the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre will have over 900 exhibitors from 30  countries – more than ever before as well as a 10% growth in exhibition  floor space, a new hall layout, improved infrastructure and a  technically led supplementary programme.

The new hall layout for Control, which follows the construction a new hall 10 and the renovation and expansion of the West entrance foyer, has allowed the show organisers, P.E. Schall GmbH & Co. KG to arrange the exhibits in a block format. This makes it more compact and reduces the amount of legwork needed to get around all the exhibits. New online tools also aid the visitor, including a mobile website and the ‘My Trade Fair’ tool for optimised planning of their time at the show.

The portfolio of exhibits will reflect the growth sectors such as industrial image processing and vision systems, robot-aided subsystems and complete systems as well as optoelectronic sensor technology.
The consistent trend towards the digital means that more and more components, modules and systems for industrial quality assurance are optimised for Industry 4.0 compatibility and form the essential building blocks for implementing smart manufacturing in the real world.
Quality Manufacturing Today is a key media partner of the Control Trade Fair.

More Xtreme CMM
Due to the global sales success of its Xtreme CNC CMM, Aberlink will be demonstrating a new, larger volume version of the machine on Stand 7207 at Control.
To help satisfy the growing demands for automated inspection, an Xtreme CMM fitted with a new 16 Digital Input / Output Interface, will be shown being robot loaded. The easy to use I/O Interface will work with any Aberlink CNC CMM and can be quickly configured by the CMM user.
The Xtreme’s configuration ensures that it maintains its accuracy at very fast measurement rates and does not suffer from the accumulative inaccuracies that can occur in conventional 3-axis Cartesian designs.
Also being put through their paces, will be several versions of Aberlink’s best-selling Axiom Too CMMs featuring a new temperature compensation facility. Now, in addition to multiple part temperature sensors, each of the CMMs’ X-Y-Z axis will include temperature sensors. These CMMs will be running the latest version of Aberlink’s MK4 Vision software featuring a wider range of new non-contact measurement functions.
An Axiom Too HS, fitted with a PH10T-TP20 probe, will be demonstrated running Aberlink’s latest CAD software modules. The HS is the high-specification variant of Aberlink’s Axiom Too CMM. In addition to boasting an enhanced accuracy specification, the impressive speed of the HS variant enables it to perform a remarkable number of inspection tasks in a fraction of the time normally taken.
Finally, Aberlink’s large Zenith 3 1500, CNC CMM, fitted with a PH10M-SP25M, will illustrate the latest Aberlink 2D and 3D scanning capabilities that are designed for applications such as  reverse-engineering CAD models.

Wireless laser tracker
On Stand 3506, Automated Precision Inc (API) will show its new OT2 Core wireless laser tracker – completely wireless & controller-free laser tracker technology.
API says that the OT2 Core offers a high-performance laser tracker that delivers essential laser tracking measurement capability at an affordable price. Its compact size and wireless operation offers high accuracy measurement with the convenience of portability and ease of use.
Based on the Omnitrac 2, OT2 Core offers many of the same features including an Autolock sensor that can recapture a lost beam. The OT2 Core operates using the same high precision ADM (Absolute Distance Measurement) technology as the Omnitrac 2
With no external controller, there is no cable needed to connect the tracker to its operating system. The entire system is integrated, with all data capable of being transferred via WiFi. The controller operates up to six hours on a rechargeable battery with an optional AC/DC direct power adapter. This allows the OT2 Core to take measurements outdoors and in remote areas where there is no easy access to a power supply.   
Even with an integrated controller, the OT2 Core is lighter than most competing trackers. The total system weight, including controllers, is just 10.9 kg.
This portability makes it the ideal measurement tool for many applications in a range of industries with its 50m operating range. It can be taken into tight spaces where other systems cannot measure due to their size.
Its rugged design and stable construction allow it to be used in rough environments at industry plants. In addition, the OT2 Core can operate in a range of mounting positions: sideways, upside down, underneath or directly on a part. API says that as a small, more portable system, the OT2 Core promises to bring the accuracy and reliability of laser metrology to shipyards, construction sites and other new sectors. Its competitive price allows smaller manufacturers and operators to take advantage of these benefits.

Vision systems and more
Bowers Group will be exhibiting a variety of existing and recently launched products, including the new range of Bowers Universal Gauge Sets and Setting Devices, along with the New Version 4 Fusion Software on the Baty Venture Vision system, and the R400 with the FT2E Touch Screen Display.
Visitors will have the opportunity to meet members of Bowers Group’s Special Applications Team, who devote their time to the development of measurement solutions for non-standard applications. An extensive selection of bespoke equipment aimed at special measurement challenges will be on display, including solutions for the measurement of grooves, threads, splines and sphericals, which are fully compatible with Bowers XT range of digital bore gauges and include optional Bluetooth.
See Bowers Group on stand 7105.

Modular workpiece clamping
The Pintec modular clamping system from Christian Brewer (Stand 5411) allows users to quickly and simply fixture difficult shaped workpieces in the metrology room. The company says it is ideal for companies that work with low volumes, small batches and prototypes.
Very often it is not profitable to build a special fixture for small series, but nevertheless the workpiece must be fixed for coordinate or optical metrology and must be presented in a secure and special position. And easy, fast, professional and effective solution is Pintec.
Pintec is easy to assemble and handle so it is not a problem to fixture difficult and complex workpieces. Pintec can also be used in the fields of laser-and needle-engraving.

Koenigsegg partnership
Exhibiting on Stand 5108, Creaform has announced that Koenigsegg, the Swedish manufacturer of high-end, high performance sports cars, has used its metrology products to bring its product development and quality to unprecedented levels.
Thanks to Creaform’s MetraSCAN 3D scanners, HandySCAN 3D scanners, and HandyPROBE portable coordinate measuring machine, Koenigsegg could scan on its automotive parts’ dark and highly reflective surfaces—and virtually eliminate noise during its product development and quality control analyses.
With over 300 hand-formed carbon parts in every Koenigsegg car, Creaform’s inspection solutions provided the accuracy and reliability required by the engineering team, even under rugged shop-floor conditions, to inspect production parts and adjust jigs.
“Koenigsegg’s outstanding vision in the automotive industry has upped the game for all car manufacturers. Koenigsegg is synonymous with quality and innovation—and the entire Creaform team is proud to have contributed to this amazing project,” sawid David Gagné, Creaform’s Division Vice-President, Engineering and Metrology Services.
At Control, all of Creaform’s metrology solutions for improving quality control and manufacturing processes will be on show. These include 3D scanning, reverse engineering, quality control, non-destructive testing, product development, and numerical simulation (FEA/CFD).

Layer thickness measurement
DEPraTechnik (Stand 6118) will be showing the new Bowman series of high-performance X-ray fluorescence spectrometers for layer thickness measurement and element analysis.
Developed by K ALPHA the modular Bowman series offers devices optimised for a range of  different measurement tasks, and can be individually adapted to suit various requirements.
Key Features are precise analyses and layer thickness measurements for elements between aluminum and uranium. Variants cover SiPIN detector or SDD, motorized Z axis with fixed or programmable XY stage, high-precision or extended travel range, single or multi-collimator.
With a 50-watt x-ray tube, the German-made systems fearure an optimized measuring geometry and short measurement times with high measuring quality. They are especially suited for ENIG, ENEPIG and electroless nickel meaurement, including the determination of phosporous content. Focus laser and fixed or multivariable focus are available as are different magnifications.
 Bowman also offers innovative x-ray fluorescence with capillary optics for small measuring spots with high intensity.

Inspection and analysis software
On Stand 3209 FEI will be showcasing the latest version of Avizo software for industrial inspection and materials analysis.
Integrating expertise acquired over more than 10 years and developed in collaboration with major industrial partners in the aerospace, automotive, and consumer goods industries, Avizo software allows users to visualise, analyse, measure and inspect parts or materials acquired by X-ray CT, radiography, or microscopy systems.
The software provides a set of tools that addresses the whole research-to-production cycle: from materials research in off-line labs to automated quality control in production environments.
It includes programmable automated analysis workflows (recipes) to perform repeatable inspection scenarios for pores, voids, inclusions, cracks, defects, or fibers detection and analysis. FEI’s experts can also work with users to create custom recipes for a particular inspection process or analysis.
Avizo also provides dimensional metrology with advanced measurements, reporting & traceability, actual/nominal comparison by integrating CAD models, and a fully automated in-line inspection solution.
It includes advanced traceability and reporting features for tracking data workflow from acquisition time to actual quantification results, allowing efficient delivery, sharing, and archival of documented results.

Scanning in a Capsule
On Stand 3304, GOM will show the ATOS Capsule, a new sensor for full-field digitizing and inspection of contoured part geometries. This fringe projection system is designed for production quality assurance of small to medium-sized parts and excels by its high precision for fine details.
Applications include first article inspection of gears, turbine blades and wheels as well as medical parts. In addition to surface deviations from CAD, GD & T data and detailed information are derived automatically.
ATOS Capsule combines proven GOM technologies, such as Blue Light Technology and the triple scan principle, with a housing design that provides optimum protection against dust and splashing water for industrial use. Due to the maximum stiffness of the unibody housing, the sensor achieves the required process stability for automated applications and precise measuring results.
The ATOS Capsule system is used for automated measurements and inspection in conjunction with the ATOS ScanBox, a complete optical 3D measuring machine that was developed by GOM for an efficient quality control in production and manufacturing processes.
For different part sizes and applications, flexible and partly mobile solutions are available. Using the photogrammetric add-on sensor ATOS Plus, bigger components or several parts can be measured simultaneously in an ATOS ScanBox, while increasing the overall accuracy at the same time.
Two versions of the ATOS Capsule are available with different levels of detail. The system captures 8 or 12 million points per scan with changeable measuring areas. The dimensions of the sensor, its low weight and the short working distance simplify its application in practice.
GOM will also demonstrate the virtual assembly of complete car bodies based on full-field measuring results and mobile measuring systems that are portable and can be operated close to production.

Automated laser measurement

Third Dimension is launching a Vectro, an automated laser measurement system, and Inspect - its new intuitive inspection software, on Stand 5130.
Vectro has been specifically designed for automated use, for integration either robotically or as a fixtured installation, replicating the capabilities of Third Dimension’s best-selling GapGun Pro – which is widelly used for quality control by manufacturers in the automotive, aerospace and energy industries.
Designed to be simpler, faster and cheaper than the GapGun Robot+ that it replaces, Vectro is ideal for high precision break sharp edge applications or fast throughput of production checks.
Consistent positioning delivers repeatable and reliable results and the VChange sensors can measure a diverse range of features and surfaces.  
Inspect has been designed to flexibly analyse a component’s profile when used alongside the GapGun Pro. It’s quick and easy to use, with multi-section drag and drop tools to provide accurate and traceable digital inspection results. It is suited for offline metrology checks where Inspect reduces time and training to calculate multiple dimensions of a complex shape and compare to design specifications.

Metals laser analyser

Oxford Instruments (Stand 4317) will introduce a new handheld metals laser analyser, a new spark probe and an improved spark stand for optical emission spectroscopy.
The new Vulvan handheld laser analyser is said to be one of the fastest metals analysers on the market. It is a LIBS (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) handheld tool with a simple user interface and has been designed for the rapid identification of a wide range of alloys in manufacturing plants within multiple industries and the scrap metal processing/recycling industry.
Despite its light weight, Vulcan is robust (IP54 and MIL-STD-810G certified) and extremely fast – identifying materials with a one second analysis. The results can be saved securely via Wi-Fi in the OiConnect Cloud service and accessed anytime from any location.
For mobile and portable optical emission spectrometers Oxford Instruments has developed a new spark probe. It can be equipped with a rubber seal for improved analysis on curved materials, such as tubes. The new spark probe is smaller, lighter and more ergonomic than its predecessor. The analytical performance has been improved significantly by increasing the light transmission rate.   
Optimised spark stand Spark analysis typically creates condensate in the spark stand of the stationary spectrometer. For maintaining good performance, it is usually necessary to clean the spark stand after 1000-1500 sparks. Oxford Instruments has now optimised the argon flow in the spark stand of its Foundry-Master benchtop analyser series and expanded the cleaning interval up to 5000 sparks (depending on the matrix). This saves the user significant time and increases the availability of the instrument.   

Precision in the round

Recent developments by Taylor Hobson (Stand 4502) include the Talyrond HS, which delivers multi-part measurement without loss of data, i-Series Multi Axis system for automated measurement of large components and Form Talysurf PGI CNC for high automated high accuracy of small components.
All products are designed to deliver an in depth understanding of characteristics such as surface finish, contour, form, radius, roundness and harmonic analysis, providing vital feedback for improvements in design and production.
The new Talyrond 500 HS - ultra high precision multi-part roundness measurement, Taylor Hobson’s new carousel system, transforms the Talyrond 500 HS into a multi-part measurement system.
The counterbalanced design of the carousel system ensures measurement without compromise to the instrument‘s specification.
This portable device simply sits on the spindle table via three point location and plugs into a concealed socket. Control is provided via Ultra software enabling fully automated measurement of multiple parts.
The Talyrond 500 HS is sited to high volume throughput, with zero operator attendance and reduced set-up time.
Taylor Hobson’s new Form Talysurf® i-Series Multi-Axis systems deliver automated surface finish, form and contour measurement at the touch of a button. The system can be programmed to your individual requirements for analysis of crankshafts, heads, blocks, gear box casings and much more.

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