QMT Features: October 2017
Uprated inspection solves problems
Birmingham-based precision engineering firm, GB Precision has expanded the benefits it is obtaining from its toolmakers’ microscope by fitting it with a camera linked to a PC screen

As Director, Paul Turner, explains; “This has greatly increased the advantages we gain from the toolmakers’ microscope, transforming it from solely an inspection tool into a flexible communication device that helps us solve engineering problems and so improve the engineering solutions we provide to our customers.

One of the issues with using a microscope on its own, is that, naturally, only one person at a time can view the image. That’s inconvenient when you want to discuss a specific feature, angle or geometry with members of the team.  
Using the camera attachment, the image is displayed directly on the PC screen, so several people can simultaneously see the component under discussion, and if the viewing angle, position, magnification needs to be altered, again, all parties see the change immediately.”

Another significant benefit is the ability to automatically store data directly to the PC, so maintaining a detailed record for future use - a growing requirement of customers in many advanced engineering sectors, such as aerospace, medical and pharmaceutical.

The camera provides built-in mouse control, allowing the user to interact directly with on-screen menus to record photos of the microscope images, as well as measurement functions including the ability to draw freehand lines, measure perimeter and area of enclose features.

Viewing the images on the large PC screen is also more ergonomic than looking down a microscope eyepiece, making detailed image scrutiny more comfortable.
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