QMT News: March 2011
Editor’s comment: Turnaround

Well, what a turnaround from  just  18 months or so ago when the credit crunch tsunami hit the economy with such devastating effect. As sales went over the edge of the cliff, companies took immediate and appropriate action to safeguard their futures. It was a case of keeping your head down, keep going, till you come out the other side. Now with company results coming in, the turnaround in fortunes is remarkable.

Metrology companies are getting their fair share of the manufacturing  upturn. Last month, for instance, QMT reported  on the record sales revenue  that the Carl Zeiss Group acheiv ed for 2009/10,  with revenue up 42%, - though admittedly,  Zeiss’s industrial metrology sales were down slightly by 4%. due to the late recovery of the automotive industry - now booming in Germany  and which  will surely feed through to industrial metrology sales..

 Even more remarkable are Renishaw’s half year results, (see lead item on this page) with an astounding 75% increase in sales over the same period for 2009 - and with record profits too. But its not just the big international companies doing well. Smaller companies in the quality industry are also  reporting good times and are recruiting. Lets hope it all continues and manufacturing regains its pride of place in the economy..

Brendan Coyne - Editor QMT

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